Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger- Easy Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

One of the most prominent beauty standards is bigger and wider eyes. Here are some easy makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger. Obviously, there is no need to subscribe to limited beauty standards. But if you wish to look more awake and to enhance your eyes, read the article below for a guide on how to achieve that.

Brighten Your Waterline

Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Your waterline is basically the lower line underneath your eyeballs. You can take a white pencil liner to draw along the waterline. This will automatically and instantaneously make your eyes pop and become more open. If you want a more subtle effect, you can try a beige liner or something with warmer tones. Avoid using a black liner along your waterline as it will close up your eye. This marking can easily be removed so remember to bring your eye pencil with you for a couple of retouches throughout the day.

Highlight Accordingly

Your highlighter or illuminator is more than just making your cheekbones pop and become more prominent. You can also use it on your eyes to make your eyes seem bigger. use it under your brow bone to lift up your brow which will then make your eye area seem bigger. Add a dash of highlight on the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes pop. You can also use some concealer along the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Use it strategically to add more depth to your eyes which will then make them pop.

Lashes Are Key

Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Your eyelashes are the most impactful in terms of giving you bigger eyes. You can lift your lashes and apply a generous coat of mascara to make your eyes open up. You can also go for some lash extensions or maybe stick on a pair of false lashes. Make sure to look for the pair that actually fits the type and size of your eyes. There are different types of almond eyes, round eyes, hooded eyes, or deep-set eyes. If you use the wrong type of false eyelashes, you risk making your eyes look even smaller.

You can also add some mascara to your lower lash line. This is an easy trick to open up your eyes. If you want something less subtle, try a brown mascara. Adding a little line of eyeliner on the outer corner also helps in elongating your eyes. 

Define Your Crease

Your crease will make your eyes pop even better if it is properly defined. You can use your typical contouring powder or any natural-looking matte eyeshadow. Simply add some of the product along your crease to add some depth. If you have hooded lids, go a little bit higher compared to your natural fold and add the eyeshadow there instead.

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