Different Types Of Makeup Brushes (Part II) - Know More

Different Types Of Makeup Brushes (Part II)

Different Types Of Makeup Brushes (Part II)

Here is the second part of the list of the different types of makeup brushes. This list includes the various essentials that you should have in your makeup bag.

Fan Powder Brush

This brush is flat, round and dome-shaped head. The brush is shaped like a fan. This is perfect to be used with loose powder. It sweeps a sheer layer of powder on the skin. It only applies a light layer which means that it will make your skin look flawless without interfering with the makeup products under. Use the brush for applying light coverage foundation. It also works well for removing the excess powder on your face.

Blush Brush 

Different Types Of Makeup Brushes (Part II)
Different Types Of Makeup Brushes (Part II)

This brush is rounded. It is more compact and works to pick up the color of your blush of choice so that it concentrates the pigment on your cheeks. It also comes with bristles that blend the product into your face to avoid any harsh lines at the edges of your brush.  There is another variation of a blusher brush called the angled blush brush. It has slanted bristles and it is perfect for contouring while applying blush. Go for this if you want to precisely apply your makeup.

Face Contour Brush

This brush is for contouring your face. You can use this for your cheekbones, jawline, forehead, etc. It gives you a sharper look and it is perfect if you want to focus the attention on the center of your face. This is characterized by a slanted and rounded shape of the brush head as well as with firmer bristles.

Eyeshadow Brush 

Different Types Of Makeup Brushes (Part II)
Different Types Of Makeup Brushes (Part II)

This is used for applying eyeshadow on your eyelids. It has a flat surface with short results. The structure makes it perfect for even and precise application of eyeshadow. That is very important especially for pigmented shadows. You can use this for both cream or powder eyeshadows. Its structure is to prevent as minimal fallout as possible.

Angled Brush 

This is a long brush with a round and tapered edge. This is to add another shade to the perfect blend of your eyes. This is to follow the natural crease of eye socket which is to provide more depth and color to your eyes. You can also use this brush for coloring in your brows or for adding eyeliner. It has a sharp end which is perfect for sharp winged eyeliner.

Lip Brush

This is for applying lipstick or other pigments on your lips. It has a pointed tip as well as and tapered edge. This is perfect for effortless application of color or to shape your lips. This also for creating lip definition or just for polishing your lipstick.

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