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Amazing Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

Amazing Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are challenging to apply makeup on because the makeup just disappears into the crease. Read the following amazing makeup tips for hooded eyes to arrive at an amazing makeup job despite the hooded lids. These steps will surely be appreciated by Asians and other women with hooded eyelids.

Get An Eye Primer

Amazing Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes
Amazing Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

One of the most common problems that people with hooded eyelids encounter is how easy it is to smudge the eye makeup. Every time they open or close their eyes, they risk messing up the excellent blending job they have done. One easy way to solve this problem is by getting an excellent eye primer. An eye primer cements the eye makeup into the hood so that it won’t get smudged throughout the day.

Apply Makeup With Your Eyes Open

This is definitely challenging but it is a necessary step to make sure that your eye makeup will at least become noticeable. If you apply your eye makeup with your eyes closed, you cannot gauge their location and they will just disappear the moment you open your eyes. Apply your makeup with your eyes open and do not follow your natural crease. Apply your makeup just above the crease instead of on the natural fold. This makes sure that your eye makeup job will be visible. 

Amazing Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes
Amazing Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

You can also add some tape that connects the outer corner of your eye to the edge of your eyebrow. Follow that line for your eyeshadow and the resulting makeup will give the illusion that you have lifted and more awake eyes.

Matte Shades

If you want to give the illusion that you have lesser brow bones, go for matte shades. Shimmery shades bring more attention to your eyes and make your eyelids look wider than they actually are. Go for warm tones that are matte so as to bring the attention away from your hood and to add more depth to your eyes.

Always Use Waterproof Mascara

Another problem with hooded eyelids is how easy it is to hit your eyelashes to the lids. Using any other mascara will just smudge the product all over your lid. Go for waterproof mascara to ensure that no matter how many times your lashes hit your lids, you will still look neat and presentable. Opt for longer lashes to open up your eyes in an instant.

Cat-Eye Trick

This is one of the most popular struggles with hooded lids. It is important to constantly open your eyes while you are applying the liner so as to make sure that it is actually visible. Extend the wing to the end of your brows to open up your eyes.

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